So why are these returns available?

1. This system cuts out the middle-man in lending

2. This is new technology not many people are using yet as it requires a little hand holding to get it setup (Hi! GrowUSD here!)

Think about it… What’s the best savings return you get? .1%?  Maybe 1.2%?

And what’s the interest rate you pay to borrow money? 9%? 18%?

That means when banks lend your money they are earning the difference. Well, this new financial technology built on “stablecoins” (digital dollars) and unchangeable, public, and tech-specialist audited computer code, lets you participate in that same opportunity the banks have had to themselves all these years.

It's ALL Automated!

Does a bank lend just anyone money? Of course not!
Would you lend just anyone money? No way!
Instead, when you are lending these funds, they are entirely secured loans. What this means is that the borrower has given you enough collateral to cover the value of the loan.

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What’s even better is that it is entirely automated and pooled - You are never choosing individuals to lend to. Instead, the lenders’ funds are all added together, and borrowers just need to post collateral in order to take out a loan.

What can I hope to get from this?

Compounding. Interest.
Compounding is one of the most amazing mathematical tricks in your financial toolbelt. Compounding interest works where on day 1, you earn money on your money.

Then on day 2, you earn money on your money but also on the money you earned yesterday.

Then on day 3? You earn money on the money you earned on day 1, then also on the money you earned on day 2 (and also on the money you earned on day 2 from the money you earned on day 1!)

Can you see where we’re going with this?

Growth Without the Downsides

Returns from a risky investment like the stock market can sometimes be as high as GrowUSD can offer but they are not stable. You are always risking your initial amount and you have a chance of financial ruin.

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That’s why banks are built out of marble and stone pillars: They are solid and here to stay (or so they thought…!) They have a business model that has worked for years because of the privileged position they have been granted access to. This new technology removes the need for “the middleman” and lets you capture the upside!

You can access it at any time, without a moment’s notice. But, as you may recall from a certain superhero movie, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You must manage your security by holding onto your big fancy “cryptographic password” in a safe place. It is as simple as writing something down on a piece of paper and putting a few copies of it somewhere that no one untrusted can access.

That’s it.  Get started below!

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Earn Now

Click. Deposit. Profit.

GrowUSD is the beta proof of concept for
As we are getting near to launch with SyncDAO's Perpetual Vaults, GrowUSD is no longer accepting deposits.


Using DeFi, Earn Interest From Real World
Assets On Chain And From Referring Friends


Deposit DAI

Earn some of the best rates available on
DAI, DeFi’s favourite cryptocurrency, thanks
to Open Token Lending’s great rate


Earn From Real World Assets

Earn from real world assets on chain
thanks to Konkrete, meaning you can earn
interest from assets like real estate, now!


Refer Friends & Share DeFi

GrowUSD allows you to refer friends and
earn 10% of their interest. Finally you get
rewarded for sharing DeFi.

Click here to learn how to setup your wallet.